Tuesday, March 4, 2008

DISTANCE by Tina LaPorta

I am writing about an online art experience I found on turbulence.org.

It was called Distance: Disconnecting…

The series consisted of snapshots of the Tina La Porta's online communication. Text accompanied the images leading the viewer on a voyeuristic journey of the exploration of communication. This piece was interesting to me because we are doing a project in class that deals with the same topic. While the artist’s images seemed a bit outdated and uninviting, I think the concept works. The work investigates the “disembodied and dislocated nature of on-line communication”. To me, the disconnect between technology and people is getting wider every day. While the Internet is very instrumental in bringing people together, this work shows the loneliness one can feel when “connected”. Because the Internet is so readily available to most people, the opportunity to connect with others all over the world is virtually endless. When one is chatting online with another you are completely dependant on the other’s response for gratification. If they sign off before you are finished expressing yourself, you might feel a bit disappointed. There is also a sense of anonymity when on is communicating via the net. In some cases, individuals are only identifiable by codenames, outdated photos and so forth. La Porta distorts and pixilated some of her images to express this “disconnected” feeling. 

The online piece required the viewer to click through all the images. I think the artist utilized this instead of a streaming video in order to drive home the meaning behind the entire experience. I felt slightly disconnected from the entire piece. The images made me feel as I was a voyeur. This is a nice effect that La Porta captured through her work. 

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